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The reliability and validity for the initial testing of the SHOTS survey with over 600 parents was very strong. In addition, in a second study using the SHOTS survey (Baker, 2010), the reliability and validity measures were equally as strong as the initial study.

Internal Consistency: Internal consistency is supported in two studies with Cronbach's alpha's of .93 (Table 1)

Table 1. Internal Consistency Reliability for the Total SHOTS Scale and Subscales

Temporal Reliability: Support for stability across time was demonstrated with a Pearson's R of .851 (Niederhauser, 2010)

A detailed description of the reliability and validity can be found in the following manuscript:

Niederhauser, V. (2010). Measuring Parental Barriers to Childhood Immunizations: The Development and Validation of the "Searching for Hardships and Obstacles To Shots (SHOTS)" Instrument. Journal of Nursing Measurement, Vol 18, No 1, pp 26-35.

A $50 processing fee and a licensing agreement is required to use the SHOTS survey. In addition, a licensing agreement is required for incorporation of the SHOTS survey into computer software. Contact Dr. Victoria Niederhauser (vniederhauser@me.com) regarding licensing agreements. Inquire Now
Population Total Scale Alpha Access Alpha Concerns Alpha Importance Alpha Study
Parents of Children birth-6 years (n=655) .93 .92 .88 .86 Niederhauser, 2010
Hmong Parents of Children birth-8 years (n=443) .93 .91 .87 .84 Baker, 2009