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Description of SHOTS Survey
The SHOTS survey was developed by Dr. Victoria Niederhauser in 2008 and tested over the next 2 years to measure parental barriers to childhood immunizations. The survey has been tested on parents of children birth to age 8. It contains 23 items with 3 subscales including Access to Shots, Importance of Shots and Concerns about Shots. See the Survey
Please Send Your Publications
If you use the SHOTS survey for your research or clinical practice, I would appreciate it if you would send me a copy of any publications or the citation reporting your work using the SHOTS survey. They will be added to the listing of publications on this website. Send the publications or citations to Dr. Niederhauser at the address listed on this website.
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A $50 processing fee and a licensing agreement are required to use the SHOTS survey. In addition, a licensing agreement is required for incorporation of the SHOTS survey into computer software. Contact Dr. Victoria Niederhauser (vniederhauser@me.com) regarding licensing agreements. Inquire Now
Developed originally in English and has been translated into Hmong language.

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